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Easy Personal Development Tools for Mastering Skills

If you want to start your own business, to earn money for doing what you like, to improve your self-esteem, to think out of the box, to learn a foreign language or to get better at what you already do, then you should think about learning more skills. A few decades ago, this was a pretty hard task which required a lot of research and time, but nowadays the modern world and online media offer numerous possibilities for personal development.

Personal Development Tools

Toastmasters – Public Speaking

Everyone agrees that mastering public speaking is a must for a leader. If you plan to start your own business or make some noticeable progress in your career, you should try to improve your speaking skills and learn to be a good communicator. You will be surprised how effective this can be in your professional life, as well as for your personal development.

CreativeLIVE – Creativity

Are you interested in design, photography, entrepreneurship or another field that requires creativity? CreativeLIVE offers special courses, which can help you enhance your creativity and make it profitable. What’s very nice about this website is that they allow you to assist a live class for free first and see how it goes before purchasing any courses. Moreover, you have the chance of learning from the best, such as Pulitzer Prize winners or bestsellering authors.

Skillshare – Skill Development

As the name suggests, this website provides the opportunity of learning from other people, as they share their skills. The website is basically a learning community, where experts from a large variety of fields offer classes. You can learn about design, branding, SEO, marketing, personal development and so on. All these are for free, but if you want to benefit from premium plans, you will pay a fee starting with $10 per month.

Codeacademy – Programming

Coding is a useful skill no matter if you have a personal blog, or you want to develop your business. Moreover, it helps you to improve your memory.  Nowadays, knowing a little bit of programming can be even more useful than speaking a foreign language. Codeacademy is providing you a simple way to learn how to code, starting from Javascript and going through HTML and even Ruby on Rails. What is attractive about this website is that you can learn in a fun way, which resembles a game, and you’ll be taken step by step.

Rype – Language (Spanish)

Rype is, in fact, an application that will help you learn Spanish. Why would you want to learn Spanish? There are several important advantages that learning a language offers you, such as a better memory, improving decision-making skills, and enhancing your mental agility. Furthermore, you live in a globalised world, where you can often interact with foreign people, and Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world. So, learning it is not only useful for your personal development, but also for your career or business, if you have any.

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