hoarding can damage credit history

Hoarding kitchen gadgets – Take action before it’s too late

Hoarding items that you don’t really need just occupies too much of your space. Many of us are guilty of this sin. In fact no one is immune to this and one way or another each and every one of us is a victim of compulsive spending. We may be of different taste of things when it comes to compulsive spending like clothes, toys and gadgets but there is one spending habit that can be found in every household. That is spending on kitchen tools. Whether it may be your mom, dad or yourself, one of you will likely be dazzled by kitchen tools and paraphernalia. But mostly mothers fall into this category.

Have you ever gone shopping with your mom? You’ll be likely to spend your shopping time at a kitchen store. With those sale signs as large as the signboards, good luck carrying those bags later. However how many of those things do we actually need? Do we really need a set of 100 knives? There is no reason to hoard kitchen gadgets even if these items are on sale. How many of those animal-shaped cups did we waste our money on? The reality is that we eat out when a fancy meal is on the cards, and home cooking has been affected by the way we spend on our food. To highlight how ridiculous we are on spending on food (kitchen tools), here are some of the kitchen tools which we should not probably buy.

Hoarding No-No’s

Wacky Silicone Ice-Cube Trays

Aside from the fact that there is no practical use of wacky shaped ice, because let’s face it, it will just melt. You will just torture your fingernails to death. It’s like melting your money to waste.

Ice-Cream Maker

You’d rather buy a gallon of ice cream than make your own. Those DIY home things that commercials are always talking about are just a sham on selling their product. You’ll either fail several times or ultimately get too tired to even enjoy your dairy treat.

Corn Cob Holders

First of all most people eat corn in a cup rather than on a cob. And people do not need some fancy corn cob holders to hold for them, their hands will do just fine. It may be easy to buy it, but earning money is not relatively simple, is it?

Hoarding items on sale is not advisable especially if you already have dozens of it. You can avoid hoarding if you work within a budget. Make a list of what you really need. It saves you cash and space at the same time. There are still many other things to mention but the bottom line is that how we spend our money is a reflection of who we are. Hoarding is not ideal if you will not use the items because it will just turn into clutter. Hoarding isn’t practical at all. We should control these impulsive spending. Little things that often go unnoticed make a big difference. You’ll be surprised that these things can affect your finances, especially your credit.

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