high internet usage costing families

High Internet Usage Costing Families More Than A Bundle

If you are like most people in Australia then you probably have a smart phone, a laptop and possibly a tablet as well. If you have a family then the amount of those devices multiplies with each family member. You might have a data plan for those smartphones and you probably have a home data plan. With so many devices it is easy for data usage to go through the roof and the bills can get out of hand. If you have kids with multiple devices then you will se data usage skyrocket especially when everyone’s home for the holidays.

High Internet Usage

On average, Australian households are running eight data gobbling devices and that is adding up to over 88 hours of data a month. Many Australian households are worried about their Internet usage because if they go over their monthly limit the charges for over-usage can be expensive.

Over the last four years Australians have doubled their data use on broadband and many of the Telco’s have released unlimited home broadband plans to meet the needs of data hungry device users. The unlimited data plans generally start at around $95 for a month.

If you work from home and depend on having a good connection then this could be a good solution. If you have kids using loads of data then it can really help out at the end of the month when limited plans would usually cause your Internet speed to slow down.

More and more plans will be coming on to the market to meet the demands of customers. If you have many devices that are all using lots of data then it could end up saving a lot of money in the long run to pay up for the higher up front cost of unlimited data for your home. If you and your family watch most of your movies and tv shows on the television then you might not have as high of data usage as a family that streams shows and movies to multiple devices.

Internet usage for an average family that watches 13 hours of television a month through streaming devices can burn through 156 gigabytes of data throughout that month. If you add up the hours of surfing the Internet and browsing social media sites, the amount of data an average household can go through can be staggering. As your Internet usage goes up with the advancement of technology it can pay off in the long run to shop around for the best data plan for you family.

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